Asem Collection

Leading debt collection solution – from Switzerland, for Switzerland

Your Challenge

  • Limited or absence of application support in the area of debt collection
  • Large manual expense for operations and loss certificate processes
  • Past-due schedules
  • Media breaks and reduced data quality due to use of different applications and systems for receivables, debt collection and loss certificates

Our Approach

  • A consistent, integrated SAP application which covers all processes – in real time and workflow based – from payment prompting down to the loss certificate.
  • Automation of business processes in the area of receivables management
  • Standardized and optimized business processes according to Swiss law (cf. SchKG, KVG, VVG, UVG or OR).
  • Electronic data exchange based on eSchKG 2.2.01.
  • Bidirectional integration of peripheral systems such as adcubum SYRIUS and SAP components, such as SAP FI-AR, SAP FI-CA, SAP PSCD and SAP FS-CD.

    With asem Inkasso we provide the only integrated and flexible debt collection software based on SAP.

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Dominic Peter

Account Executive

Effective Debtor Management?

Debtor management has a direct effect on your cashflow – the backbone of your company. In spite of a declining payment imperative, how can you better manage your outstanding debtors? Special software solutions make your receivables management more effective and efficient.



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